OMG Hostel is an original idea from Gene, a young korean doctor specialized in Oriental Medicine. His friends always told him he was "different" from other korean people. And it took him a lot of time to realize he was actually different.

"Thinking inside the box has always been a problem for me since I always thought outside" - Gene

After having taken a walk through Europe, South America and Asia, he now wants to bring the entire world to him by welcoming people in his hostel.

However OMG Hostel is not a typical hostel. Behind every decision we take is hidden a "master plan".

But what is this master plan exactly?

  • We would like to create a micro-trading environment in Hongdae area for travelers. 

How would it work?

  • When you travel and don't have lot of money, there is not a lot of viable solutions to make money or to simply have a place to sleep at night.
  • Imagine if every sunday at the same location, you could meet travelers from all over the world carrying with them some authentic gifts from their country.
  • Local people could buy you goods, exchange it or offer a place to stay.

What does OMG Hostel do now to make it happen?

  • If you plan to go to OMG Hostel with a special gift from your country, contact us to see if we can host you in exchange for it.
  • Yes, that's how it works here.

You are in the house of an Oriental Medicine Guru so if you need treatment for minor illness such as cold or hangover, do not hesitate to ask for help. Check out our Gallery section.